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Liberal news site Slate wants to talk seriously about the maternal death rate.

Why is that? Abortion. Yes, believe it or not, the liberal left wants to clarify that even though it’s a sad truth, abortion is “a vital aspect of reducing maternal mortality.”  It is ready to say that abortions should be done “with tremendous responsibility and humility.”

“I’m starting to hate that moment when Olympic runners helped each other to the finish line,” declared Slate writer Justin Peters in a headline on Wednesday. The moment in question occurred during a 5,000 meter heat in Rio on Tuesday. Nikki Hamblin of New Zealand fell and took out American Abbey D’Agostino with her. D’Agostino help Hamlin to her feet, while Hamblin cheered on D’Agostino when she showed signs of a knee injury, and both finished roughly two minutes behind first place. 

Here’s the latest in biological news coming at you from liberal Slate magazine! According to Slate writer Chase Strangio, (yes, Strange-io), it’s “factually wrong and dangerous” to describe a person as being “anatomically male.” 

“Will the recent Obergefell decision protecting same-sex marriage apply to open the door to robot-human marriage?”

This absurd question is posed by Slate contributor and Arizona State University Law professor Gary Marchant in his Aug. 10 article "A.I. Thee Wed."

In his piece for Slate, Marchant claimed that the Obergefell v. Hodges decision confirmed the “fundamental right” of a person to freely choose “the nature of the relationships and lifestyle they choose to pursue.” Now, he said, that should apply to robots, too.

Salon’s Andrew O’Hehir has fingered the main culprits behind Detroit’s bankruptcy. According to him, it’s none other than Fox News host Sean Hannity and all his fellow racist conservatives who were threatened by Smokey Robinson.

In his July 27 screed for Salon headlined “Why the Right Hates Detroit” O’Hehir claimed the fall of big cities like Detroit and New Orleans had less to do with longtime Democratic rule and more to do with the right’s desire, as seen in the “coded racism of Sean Hannity” to punish the cities that spawned “the worldwide revolution symbolized by hot jazz, Smokey Robinson dancin’ to keep from cryin’ and Eminem trading verses with Rihanna.”

Liberals in the media are doing what they do best when it comes to Pope Francis today: misrepresenting him to their hearts’ content.

When asked in a press conference about celibate priests who suffer same-sex attraction, the Pope replied: “If a person is gay and seeks God and has good will, who am I to judge him?” – a view which is exactly in line with Church teaching. But of course, the media had a field day painting this orthodox statement as a sweeping approval of the gay lifestyle.

While everybody on the face of the planet seems most interested in whether or not Nobel Laureate Al Gore is going to run for president in 2008, an article was published by Slate Monday asking questions of the Global Warmingist-in-Chief far more crucial than his future political aspirations.

Though Steven Landsburg is likely not a household name, his article deliciously entitled "Save the Earth in Six Hard Questions: What Al Gore doesn't understand about climate change," should be must-reading for all Americans - including elected officials - that are seriously pondering radical changes to energy and economic policies in order to address the most recent environmental bogeyman.

Unlike most articles on this subject, Landsburg, a PhD-wielding economics professor at the University of Rochester, took a purely pragmatic and arithmetic approach (emphasis added throughout):