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This isn't exactly media bias, but since the myth of the conservative corporation is one of my personal favorites to demolish, I couldn't help but link to a Human Events study showing that conservative groups get far less money from Fortune 100 companies than liberal groups do. Here's an excerpt:

So this is Thomas Frank? This is the man so lionized by the left for his authorship of “What’s the Matter with Kansas? How Conservatives Won the Heart of America’’?

Andrew Sullivan, Time blogger and man of nuance:

you’re a Republican in Tennessee and you are in a tough race, what do
you do? Hey, your party isn’t a political organization; it’s God’s Own Party:

A Christian prayer group is hoping to provide Republican
gubernatorial nominee Jim Bryson with some divine assistance during his
campaign. The “Bryson Prayer Force” is inviting Christians to join its
current 80 members in praying regularly for Bryson, his family and
campaign staff. An e-mail sent out by the group included some suggested
prayers. Weekly prayers are to be sent to those who have signed up to
be part of the group.

“Pray for an open heaven over Jim and his team in each Tennessee
county they visit, that the gates of each county would open to him and
his team, and that the Lord’s divine favor will be granted to him
everywhere he goes,” reads one example. Blair Morgan, an attorney and
vice treasurer of the Davidson County Republican party, is serving as
state coordinator of Bryson Prayer Force.

Another part of the message:

'Wishin' and hopin' and
'Thinkin' and prayin',
'Plannin' and dreamin'
'Each night of his charms,
'That won't get you into his arms.' - Dusty Springfield, 'Wishing & Hoping'

It is pretty amazing that CBS News can misquote, in headline form, someone they not only personally interviewed, but one that they themselves provided video clips of proving the inaptness of their headline. I guess they imagined that no one would actually take the time to watch the video clip?

But there it was in black and white.

CBS News - "Buckley: Bush Not A True Conservative"

Worse, the part of the video clip where William F. Buckley addresses Bush's status as a conservative isn't until the last two minutes of a 10-minute interview. Could they have assumed that many people would never stay with the interview all the way until the end to find out that the CBS headline is mere hyperbole and that Buckley never really said that Bush wasn't a "true conservative"?

Even the sub headline takes liberties with Buckley's words.