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JORGE RAMOS, SENIOR ANCHOR, UNIVISION: Before finishing, let me ask you about Oscar López, the Puerto Rican political prisoner who was given clemency by President Barack Obama. What did you say to President Barack Obama for him to liberate him?

CONGRESSMAN LUIS GUTIERREZ (D-IL): I told him that he is a heroe for us.

LOURDES DEL RIO, CORRESPONDENT, UNIVISION: Oscar López-Rivera never abandoned his independence ideal, assuring that all human beings have the right to want their country to be free and sovereign.

OSCAR LOPEZ-RIVERA, CONVICTED TERRORIST: Colonialism is a crime against humanity. That is clear. And with being colonized has the full right to struggle for its independence.

JOSE DIAZ-BALART, NEWS ANCHOR, TELEMUNDO: Authorities here in Los Angeles remain defiant before the anti-immigrant posture of Donald Trump. 

PEGGY CARRANZA, CORRESPONDENT, UNIVISION: The Univision executives today told the President-elect that Ramos is one of the United States' most important journalists, and they support him.

Blast from the Past: MRC Latino Director Ken Oliver-Méndez interviews Dr. Henry Ramírez, author of "A Chicano in the White House: The Nixon No One Knew."

Ray Cruz echa una mirada, en broma y en serio, a las últimas andanzas de los activistas izquierdistas en EE.UU.

De cara a la toma de posesión del nuevo presidente de EE.UU., Patricia Arbulú analiza lo legítimo -y lo ilegítimo- de la resistencia.

LUIS CARLOS VELEZ, NEWS ANCHOR, TELEMUNDO: Thousands took to the streets to demand equal treatment and respect for the rights of immigrants.

FELICIDAD AVELEYRA, NEWS ANCHOR, TELEMUNDO: That is so. Others took the opportunity to protest the anti-immigrant policies proposed by President-elect Donald Trump. We have team coverage. We're in New York with Rebeka Smyth and in Los Angeles with María Paula Ochoa.

ENNY PICHARDO, CORRESPONDENT, UNIVISION: The march counted with the participation of activists from more than 80 organizations, and with political leaders who accuse Trump of having conducted a xenophobic presidential campaign.

Un prominente portavoz hispano del Islam en Estados Unidos dice que pedirle a los musulmanes que condenen el terrorismo "no es sensato". 

INGRID BARRERA, CORRESPONDENT, TELEMUNDO: The sound of the bullets is heard loading the 'Dark Girl of Fire' as the gun is called by its owner. It's a 38 calibre pistol, and it's mission, its owner says, is to protect his family. For security, the man prefers not to reveal his identity,but he assures he acquired the gun legally, and he's willing to do anything to protect his own.

MRC Latino presenta, con Ray Cruz. 

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