Alex Wagner Un-Ironically Scoffs: ‘Being Presidential’ More Than ‘Being Able to Read a Teleprompter’


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On Thursday night’s The Daily Show, broadcast live from the RNC in Cleveland, host Trevor Noah brought on another journalist as his special guest to discuss the Republican convention. Wednesday it was CNN’s Christiane Amanpour and Thursday it was former MSNBC anchor Alex Wagner and current Senior Editor of left-wing publication The Atlantic. During the brief interview, Wagner ironically criticized Donald Trump for something conservatives have long called out President Obama for.

On the heels of Donald Trump’s speech at the RNC, Noah asked Wagner if she thought his speech “was presidential.” After a quick joke, Wagner responded:

WAGNER: Is Donald Trump presidential? Can he execute, etcetera, etcetera. If being presidential is being able to read a teleprompter then, I guess he's presidential. If being presidential is being able to unite and lead the country, I think the jury is out.

‘Professional teleprompter reader’ and divisive leader could very well be applied to our current President but Wagner doesn’t seem to notice the irony in her statement.

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