Al Franken Refuses to Be Seen on Maher’s 'Real Time'


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Al Franken, the so-called ‘Giant of the Senate,’ can’t be seen with Bill Maher. It might ruin his public persona.
The senator for Minnesota cancelled his Friday appearance amid the scandal surrounding the HBO star’s use of the n word that occurred while Republican Senator Ben Sasse was on his show. Does Franken think the same thing will happen to him?

Sasse has also just published a book at the end of May, which was reviewed harshly by the liberal media. At the same time the N-word scandal broke, the senator received media coverage criticizing him for his actions immediately following Maher’s racial outburst. Clearly, Franken, who is trying to raise publicity for his new autobiography, Al Franken, Giant of the Senate, is trying to avoid the same thing, especially since Maher is infinitely more comfortable with a fellow liberal crony than with a Republican senator. 
While the senator and Maher have a friendship that has lasted many years and resulted in many controversial appearances on Maher’s show, since Maher has shown to be racially insensitive, Franken can’t jeopardize his political career or his book sales by being linked with the host of Real Time any longer.
According to Hollywood Reporter, he made the decision to cancel his slot on the upcoming episode because “what Bill Maher said was inappropriate and offensive.” No stranger to vulgar political humor scandals himself, Franken encouraged Maher’s decision to apologize for his comment. 
Maher was forced to find a replacement for Franken. After the racially insensitive comment went viral, it seems that not even the most controversial and corrupt members of the left will support Maher in his time of need. The host is yet another liberal supporter who has gone so far as to alienate themselves from their own side, joining the ranks of Kathy Griffin and Stephen Colbert.