MRC's Gainor Says Liberal Media Are Trying to 'Prosecute' Trump


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As President Donald Trump’s presidency has progressed, so have media allegations against him.

“The media have, who campaigned more aggressively against Trump than Hillary did, have increased it since the election,” MRC Vice President of Business and Culture Dan Gainor told The Intelligence Report anchor Trish Regan.

On May 17, Regan and Gainor discussed media attacks against Trump, specifically May 10, Washington Post allegations that he leaked classified intelligence information to Russian officials. Gainor also cited recent CNN coverage as an example of the media’s anti-Trump campaign.

92 percent of their news coverage was Trump, and it was wildly, overwhelmingly negative with the anti-Trump people,” Gainor said of CNN. “They are trying to prosecute the case, they aren’t being neutral observers.”

Gainor also condemned the media’s Watergate comparisons regarding Trump’s actions —  specifically over firing FBI Director James Comey.

“This is the exact opposite of what the media are saying is Watergate. Watergate was one outlet that dragged the entirety of the American media behind it, investigated it and proved it. This is a gazillion outlets all putting out rumor, uh, often wrong things as The Washington Post has done repeatedly, and then creating this cloud of smoke that- that gives the perception of things being worse,” Gainor said.