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Stephanie Schmitt is a recent graduate from The Catholic University of America with degrees in Politics and English. She grew up in the Pocono Mountains and now works as a Grant Writer at her local township office. Her passions include traveling, brewing beer, and reading Jane Austen!


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Opening to find my hometown’s weather report this past Friday came as an unpleasant surprise. Several apocalyptic articles attempting to scare readers (or, more appropriately, weather-report-seekers) of the dangers of pulling out of the Paris accord cluttered the website. Apparently, it is no longer possible to search the web for rain predictions without being force-fed politically charged opinions.

Insurance companies are first and foremost, you know, businesses! With that, expenses of their own follow that must be taken care of before they are best able to provide care for anyone else.  This understanding is at the heart of the new American Health Care Act recently passed by the House.