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How bad is media bias on the subject of Colin Kaepernick? It's so bad that a newspaper writer is now boycotting the NFL because the controversial quarterback doesn't have a job. It's just another day in the life of New York Daily News senior justice writer and Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King.

With their much hoped-for Seattle Seahawks-Colin Kaepernick dream team now reduced to dust in the wind, many in the left-stream sports media are crying unsportsmanlike conduct and some say he has a right to be on an NFL team.

In a vast wasteland of liberal lemmings masquerading as reporters and fair-minded commentators, Fox Sports 1's Jason Whitlock stands apart from the left-stream media sheeple. He's a stereotype-defying Black conservative who tells it like it is. His independence attracts scorn from the PC police, who branded him ''just a n----'' for recent comments about LeBron James.

In a few short months, we’ve gone from sports reporters increasingly expressing liberal bias on social and political issues to liberal sports media empire building. In fact, we are now witnessing the combining of several hard Left Internet sites into one large network.

From the free-speech-if-you-agree-with-us files: Pagans and homosexuals are allowed to have their opinions on what defines marriage, but Christians and pastors are not. That's the message from a badly imbalanced Fox Sports story in which retired Australian tennis legend Margaret Court is harpooned for stating she opposes same-sex marriage.

Hoosier State voters elected Mike Pence to Congress for six terms. They elected him governor. Hoosiers helped elect him vice-president. Pence is a huge motor racing fan who has attended the Indianapolis 500 some 30 times, and he is rumored to be the pace car driver for the start of Sunday’s race. But USAToday suggests the vice-president will get a rude greeting Sunday at the Indy 500.

America’s left-stream media long ignored the human rights abuses of the communist dictator Castro’s Cuba. Astonishingly, for many in the media it was see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil about Cuba. But now Venezuelan major league baseball players are helping to enlighten the media about a socialist dictator’s crackdown in their home country.

Openly advocating for the transgender movement, media across the nation are hoping powerful sports organizations will use the threat of boycotts to defeat the bathroom bill now before the Texas Legislature. Texas lefties do not have the votes to stop the bill, so their only remaining hope is the Big Sports triumvirate of the NFL, NBA and NCAA threatening the state with the removal of major revenue-generating competitions.

In the 21st century, no sports free agents have been covered more than LeBron James, Peyton Manning, Brett Favre, Kevin Durant and ... Colin Kaepernick. The first four are in or headed for their respective Hall of Fame. Kaepernick, a free agent quarterback trying to help Black Lives Matter move the ball forward, gets a ton of press only because left-wing media are using him to advance their own political beliefs.

Deadspin, the perpetual cactus in ESPN’s side, had a field day with the sports network’s phony-baloney performance before advertisers in New York this week. Kevin Draper and Laura Wagner pointed out a huge gap between what’s going on at ESPN and the façade its brass displayed to advertisers.

Speaking on SI Now video, Sports Illustrated's Robin Lundberg said the San Antonio Spurs' players might not show up to play in the NBA's Western Conference Finals if their coach didn't take strong anti-President Trump political stands.

Sports media have now descended to the point where reporters are judging free agent athletes on how well they fit with potential new teams based on their activism. And judging by the strong activism among members of the Seattle Seahawks, the NFC West Division team is a good fit for radioactive activist Colin Kaepernick in the view of SB Nation's Christian D'Andrea.

Long-time ESPN veterans and untouchable survivors of multiple layoffs, Jeremy Schaap and Bob Ley say sticking to sports will not work in the modern world of sports. Ley also says, according to Travis Waldron of The Huffington Post, that those who say ESPN is too political are hypocrites.

Three Baltimore police officers were acquitted of charges in the death of Freddy Gray in Baltimore last year. Charges against three remaining officers were dropped. Three of those police officers are Black, three White. If you didn’t know any of this before Thursday night’s airing on TNT of “American Race – Baltimore Rising,” you sure didn’t get it on this program co-produced by retired NBA player Charles Barkley.

If race baiters were hoping retired NBA player Charles Barkley would rubber stamp Black Lives Matter-style, police-bashing racism on his four-part TNT series American Race, they may be in for disappointment.

Ever since ESPN sacked 100 on-air employees and sent them packing April 26, conservatives and leftists have debated the reason for the network's latest round of layoffs. "Chord-cutting," say those on the Left, as well as ESPN management. "Radical turn-off politics," say the conservatives.​

How can NFL teams possibly conceive of drafting college players under suspicion of having committed heinous crimes while leaving the humanitarian/champion of free speech Colin Kaepernick out in the cold? That's the question USAToday writer Christine Brennan wants answered.

You should feel guilty – white guilt guilty. Because Michael Bauman says “racism is in the foundation of bourgeois white America from sea to shining sea.” And we are a nation of “violent oppressors.” We’re all supposedly guilty.

Ever a glutton for punishment, ESPN is not ready to change its self-defeating ways. Dramatic losses in business and the jettisoning of 100 employees last week are only leading to continued defiance.

To The New York Times' own “Captain Obvious" -- Marc Tracy -- the idea that "a liberal viewpoint" emanating from "mainstream sports broadcaster" ESPN is a "novel development." Tracy hasn't left his liberal New York cocoon in quite a while, or he would realize what we all know: ESPN is every bit as biased as his own liberal newspaper.