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The Washington Post is so against the Koch brothers, it will even oppose their charitable donations to the arts. “With the planet in peril, arts groups can no longer afford the Koch brothers’ money,” Post Art and Architecture critic Philip Kennicott claimed on June 5. His “perspective” was part of the Post’s Going Out Guide.

Since President Donald Trump’s election, the major media have feverishly covered alleged collusion with Russia. But they refused to report on evidence that the government worked with George Soros to fund “left-leaning policies” in foreign countries.

InsideClimate News may have won a Pulitzer Prize, but it looks like it skipped Journalism 101: report, don’t speculate. InsideClimate writer David Hasemyer launched into a series of speculations about “perhaps damaging” information that Exxon documents “could” provide. That isn’t how news works. But it proves that the agenda of InsideClimate News isn’t news, it’s promoting a liberal agenda on climate change and the environment.

​Every major news outlet is reporting that President Trump will likely cancel the controversial Paris Climate Agreement. President Barack Obama intentionally avoided signing a climate treaty because it probably wouldn’t have passed the Senate.

Climate alarmists often use offensive and harsh language to denounce skeptics and critics. Billionaire climate activist Tom Steyer recently proved he’s no exception.

Some in the media recently tried to blame President Donald Trump for a Montana GOP candidate who body slammed a reporter.


MRC Vice President of Business and Culture Dan Gainor called that “thin-skinned” and “narcissistic.”

​Climate alarmist Michael Mann thinks the attacks on his climate science and his credibility are akin to Nazi persecution.

Speaking at the May 13, commencement address of Green Mountain College, Penn State Meteorology professor Michael Mann borrowed and adapted the words of a Holocaust victim to describe himself.

While the networks mentioned the investment agreements President Donald Trump signed with Saudi Arabia, they failed to explain the positive economic impact. Saudi Arabia and U.S. based-companies, including Lockheed Martin, General Electric and Honeywell International, agreed to “potential investments valued at $300 billion,” Wall Street Journal reporter Margherita Stancati wrote. The agreement was part of Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia on May 21.

As President Donald Trump’s presidency has progressed, so have media allegations against him.

“The media have, who campaigned more aggressively against Trump than Hillary did, have increased it since the election,” MRC Vice President of Business and Culture Dan Gainor told The Intelligence Report anchor Trish Regan.

Throughout Barack Obama’s presidency, the broadcast networks desperately tried to put a positive spin on the weakest economic recovery since World War II. But now that unemployment is predicted to drop below 4 percent, they are silent.

In an entertainment and media world dominated by liberals, Dilbert comic artist Scott Adams is a breath of fresh air. Sunday’s Dilbert cartoon mocked climate scientists for calling climate change skeptics “deniers,” when the scientists themselves jump through a laughable number of hoops to conclude man-made climate change “will lead to a global catastrophe.” The comic ran May 14.

Republicans are the absolute worst! According to the leftist Noam Chomsky, anyway. The self-proclaimed anarchist MIT professor declared on May 10 Republicans were not only “the most dangerous organisation on earth,” but the most dangerous “in human history.” Chomsky attacked the political party in an interview with BBC Newsnight, because of his disapproval of GOP views on climate change.

Cosmo Magazine should stick to bad beauty tips and leave climate change to others. “Tiffany & Co. Wants Donald Trump to Address Climate Change,” Cosmo Magazine writer Rachel Torgerson gushed on May 9. But her story lacked critical analysis and context. It might not help that Cosmo has the reputation as loony, liberal, sex-advice publication.

After Environmental Protection Agency administrator Scott Pruitt chose not to renew the contracts of several members of EPA’s Board of Scientific Counselors, ProPublica falsely claimed he fired them. “Trump admin fires scientists on EPA review board. And plans to replace them w/ reps from polluting industries,” ProPublica tweeted on May 7. On May 9, ProPublica issued a correction.

A surprising report from the George Soros-funded Columbia Journalism Review (CJR) revealed several scientists oppose the way the media have tried to blame hurricanes on man-made climate change.

What do Twitter, liberal billionaire Michael Bloomberg and his media empire have to do with each other? A lot, now.

Starting in fall 2017, Bloomberg will be managing a 24 hour streaming news channel on Twitter. The feed will be “live news reporting from the news outlet’s bureaus around the world,” The Wall Street Journal reported May 1.

​There was a time when the offensive term “climate change denier” referred to those who directly disputed the existence of global warming. Now, the term is affixed to anyone who doesn’t promote the radical policy demands of climate alarmists.

Better red than dead, at least in the The New York Times op-ed section. Ahead of Monday’s socialist holiday May Day, the Times ran an op-ed reminiscing idyllically on a time “When Communism Inspired Americans.”

The “People’s Climate March,” scheduled for the 100th day of Donald Trump’s presidency, claims to be a movement of the people. But is it really?

It turns out one-third of the steering committee organizations have one thing in common — donations from George Soros. The liberal billionaire gave them more than $36 million combined. So far the broadcast networks have not made the connection.

Basic economics evidence indicates when taxes are cut, individuals and businesses flourish. But liberals refuse to accept that. MSNBC economic analyst for Morning Joe Steve Rattner claimed on April 27, that President Donald Trump’s proposed tax outline would not create three percent economic growth because Reagan-era supply side economics has been “pretty thoroughly discredited.”